A Letter From The Director: July 2023 Update

Hi Everyone,

In usual LiveMine fashion, it has been a busy quarter, we are completing more demos than ever before and seeing the success our product suite brings to mining operations around the world.

The big news is that we have achieved a significant milestone that I’m really proud of. We have now successfully implemented our system on 40 mining operations across seven different countries. This accomplishment is a testament to the commitment and passion of our team and the support that we have got from the mining industry. We are mining people that are passionate about the industry and it’s really encouraging to see the industry rally behind us.

In line with our dedication to global expansion, Brendan and I recently completed a highly successful trip to Canada and America. We visited prominent mining hubs such as Sudbury, Toronto, Denver, and Salt Lake City, where we showcased our flagship product, the LiveMine data collection system and our new Explosives Management software. The feedback and interest received from industry leaders and stakeholders during these visits was very positive, further reinforcing our chances of success in the North American market.

Looking ahead, we are constantly investing in R&D to further build on our technological capability and explore new opportunities for growth. We are focused on expanding our global reach, forming strategic partnerships, and just building technology that works in the mining environment.

LiveMine’s success would not have been possible without the continued support and trust of our customers and partners. We remain committed to providing you with cutting-edge solutions that help to bring value to your mining operations.


Stay safe,    

Bud O’Shannessy,  Founder and Managing Director   


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