A Letter From The GM: October 2023 Update

Welcome to the October update!

First up, a big shout-out to our beloved boss, Bud, on his landmark 50th birthday. Here’s to a year filled with robust health, boundless happiness, and many more achievements – your energy and passion continue to inspire us all.

I’ll be taking over the letter from the director for this quarterly update, it’s been a big few months for Team LiveMine!

Next, let’s talk about our intern, Ben Sutherland. After spending ten weeks with us (we’ve enjoyed every day of it Ben!), it’s time for him to embark on new adventures.
Ben has seamlessly integrated with our team, and we trust he’s picked up more than a few insights into software development (and table tennis) along the way.
Special mention to Michael Owen for his outstanding mentorship and guidance with Ben.

For this update, I’d like to reflect on feedback from our clients, and what it means to us.

To me, hearing feedback from our clients is a testament to their trust and belief in us – every single comment, suggestion & recommendation is an insight into their operations, challenges, and aspirations.

We might not always glimpse the countless hours they invest or the hurdles they face; however, their feedback provides a small window into their world.
They believe in LiveMine enough to help us grow, knowing that we genuinely care.

This feedback is our compass, guiding us through our mission. It’s a reminder of our purpose, keeps us grounded, and drives us to be better.
Giving feedback – especially when it’s raw and straight-up – takes guts. But our clients step up, showing they’re not just users, they’re our partners in this journey.

Sending our heartfelt thanks to all our clients for their feedback, especially the ones who trust us enough to be candid.



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