Austmine Conference

Exploring Innovations and Unveiling EXM: LiveMine Solutions’ Experience at Austmine Conference

The team at LiveMine had a great time at this year’s Austmine Conference, from networking with industry peers to unveiling our ground-breaking product, EXM.


The Austmine Conference, renowned as a leading industry association for the Australian METS sector, provided the LiveMine Solutions team with a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology shaping the mining industry. The conference was an exciting few days filled with new learnings, valuable connections, and an electric atmosphere of innovation.

One of the standout moments for me was the Canada/Australia Connector Networking event for AustMine members. We had the pleasure of meeting like-minded professionals, and our management team is looking forward to further building on these relationships during our upcoming visit to North America.

If I had to pick one favourite stand, I would say our neighboring booth from Haultrax. Their team brought a fantastic energy to the conference, and we had some great information sharing sessions between our businesses.

This was my first-time visiting Adelaide, and I loved exploring the variety of restaurants and walking along the river. It’s a beautiful city.The Austmine Conference was a pivotal moment for LiveMine Solutions with the first preview of our one-of-a-kind product, EXM. Explosives Management is an innovative app that revolutionises how explosives stock is managed within mining operations. The exclusive first-look was met with great enthusiasm, with industry leaders recognising the potential of EXM to optimise inventory tracking, enhance safety protocols, and improve operational efficiency.

The conference attendees had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations and engage with EXM’s intuitive user interface. The app’s real-time data and comprehensive reporting capabilities resonated strongly with professionals seeking operational excellence and risk mitigation.

Our experience as an exhibitor at the Austmine Conference was a resounding success. We gained invaluable insights, established meaningful connections, and showcased EXM, our game-changing app for explosives stock management. The conference provided an ideal platform for LiveMine Solutions to share our expertise and contribute to the ongoing transformation of the mining industry.

We extend our gratitude to Austmine for organising such a remarkable event and to the city of Adelaide for its warm hospitality. The conference has truly been a memorable journey, and we are excited to continue forging ahead, transforming challenges into opportunities, and paving the way for a brighter future in the mining industry.

Sara Gunzburg

Business Development Executive