LiveMine Promise

LiveMine Promise

Here at LiveMine, we offer a host of employee benefits to invest in our employees overall health and also their future. From our employee benefits we have developed our LiveMine Employer Promise that we offer to all our employees. In return we ask that they sign the LiveMine Employee Commitment. The combination of the Employer Promise and Employee Commitment creates a working environment that everyone can enjoy and thrive in. We believe that investing in our people will lead our team to grow from strength to strength.

LiveMine Employer Promise 

Here at LiveMine we promise to empower, recognise and reward all of our employees. The people within LiveMine and our working culture is incredibly important to us and during your time with us we pledge to you these 7 promises:

        1. We promise a fun and inclusive working environment that provides each member of the team an opportunity to continually improve their skillset and demonstrate their greatness.
        2. We promise that your contributions and successes will be appreciated and recognised.
        3. We promise to always know how you are performing through open conversations that encourages mutual feedback and leads to goal setting and career advancement opportunities.
        4. We promise to invest in your professional development and promote within where possible.
        5. We promise a fair and competitive salary commensurate with your skills and knowledge.
        6. We promise a work environment that’s accommodated to your individual needs where possible.
        7. We promise to empower department leaders to assist them in attracting and retaining the best professionals in their field
LiveMine Employee Commitment 

Here at LiveMine, there are certain responsibilities that are entrusted to you that can directly impact your fellow team members, LiveMine as a company and our clients.

As a LiveMine team member it is important that you commit to:

    1. Treating others with respect and value their contributions
    2. Continually learn and grow professionally and embrace innovation and change
    3. Sharing ideas, opinions and “better ways”
    4. Having fun and celebrating our own, as well as the ‘teams’, successes
    5. Take care of assets entrusted to me
    6. Do everything to the best of my abilities
    7. Always act in line with our values and defend them


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