The Future Of Shift Management: Introducing Shift Planning

Shift Planning is the newest addition to the LiveMine product suite and will improve the way you manage and organise your shifts.

A simple solution that improves efficiency and time management, Shift Planning has the ability to drag and drop tasks or resources and allocate them to an operator. Easily duplicate and edit shifts in the web-based planning platform and push directly to the operator’s tablet for viewing.

Key Features

Ability to plan shifts by assigning activities and operators to equipment and locations.

Effective drag-and-drop allocation tool.

Allocated tasks are sent directly to the operator and linked to the relevant module.

Save time when planning with duplication and memory functions.

Shift sheets are available on tablets for offline viewing.

Like all LiveMine products, Shift Planning has been tested on-site to ensure the solution is as intuitive and functional as intended. This module is designed to make a real difference to the operators and management team on the ground.

Take the next step towards becoming a paperless mine and swap your paper shift sheets for LiveMine’s innovative Shift Planning module today.

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