LiveMine and Minnovare Collaboration delivers value for clients

Collaboration between technology companies Minnovare and LiveMine creates value for their clients by streamlining their underground production drilling operations and providing the confidence the client needs to make informed decisions on data they can trust.

Minnovare and LiveMine have entered into a collaboration that will enable their mine production clients to share data across the business’s software platforms. The data integration will enable production drilling information logged via Minnovare’s CORE (Client Online Reporting Engine) to seamlessly sync with the LiveMine data management system. The combination of both technologies streamlines the workflow for the drill rig operator, eliminates the potential errors and ensures accuracy at each stage in the clients drilling process, providing the confidence the client needs to make informed decisions on data they can trust.

 “We like to partner with businesses such as Minnovare and LiveMine who not only provide industry leading technology, but take into consideration our feedback and the specific needs of our operation. This collaboration will streamline our process and eliminate duplicate information, meaning our team can have confidence to make smarter, faster decisions on data we can trust.” Chris Davidson – Underground Manager at Silverlake Resources

LiveMine is an exciting data collection and management solution that seamlessly integrates with existing operations to eliminate inaccurate reporting and wasted time. LiveMine eradicates hours of paperwork, unreliable spreadsheets, uncertainty in data accuracy and helps bring mining operations into the 21st century. Offering underground, open pit and exploration modules, LiveMine offers contractors and owner operators an easy and efficient way to collect and manage their operational data. Being able to use this online or offline means clients can collect crucial operational data directly at the source in real-time.

Minnovare CORE is an industry leading software platform that serves as a data hub for clients entire drilling operations.  Minnovare CORE is central to Minnovare’s Production Optimiser, a revolutionary drill and blast optimisation system that substantially improves production drilling accuracy and consistency, resulting in less re-work, improved dilution and recovery and an increase in stope turnover in underground mines.

This secure cloud-based platform features digital drill plans and plods that sync seamlessly with existing mine planning software, providing accurate, reliable and real-time drilling data to mine operators. Visibility and accountability are then ensured by displaying the recorded drilled information in the cloud.

Live Mine Managing Director Bud O’Shannessy , stated “This is an exciting collaboration in terms of the value and simplicity it brings to our client’s operations. Minnovare deliver an innovative solution and when coupled with the LiveMine system, it centralises the drilling and operational data and generates a single data source and approval process. LiveMine share a large client base with Minnovare, and this collaboration is client driven. Our clients have been asking for it”

Minnovare Managing Director Callum McCracken affirms, “We welcome the collaboration with a leading data management software company like LiveMine, as we see the strength of our joint offering for our clients in terms of immediate and downstream benefits in their operations.  

“We are excited by the strong growth and momentum we have witnessed with our Minnovare CORE software. The company recently reached a new milestone with 4 million metres logged and a monthly rate of clients logging ~125,000 through the system. We see the increased adoption rate as an indicator of the value clients are getting from our data and reporting capability, ensuring designs are being executed and stopes perform as planned.   



LiveMine began as a concept deep underground and is now a powerful tablet-based data capture software. Founded by Bud O’Shannessy, a former Project Manager and jumbo operator and Brendan Parker, a WASM-educated mining engineer who is also the CEO of Advanced Mining Production Systems. Having spent substantial time on site, Bud and Brendan were no strangers to wasted time and costly errors caused by bad or out-of-date operational data. Last year LiveMine successfully completed a Series A funding round, oversubscribing the funding by 38%.

LiveMine is a powerful tablet-based data management software leading the way in the next generation of mining solutions. They focus on daily data capture and reporting software that has been designed to efficiently solve data-driven issues. Created by mining engineers and experienced operators, LiveMine seamlessly integrates with existing operations to eliminate inaccurate reporting and wasted time. Our innovative software can be used online or offline. LiveMine allows teams to put down the pen and paper and pick up the most efficient data management system available. LiveMine operates at over 18 minesites in 3 countries.



Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2012, Minnovare is an advanced technology company that specialises in improving the speed, cost and accuracy of underground drilling across mine production, development and resource definition. Our advanced drilling optimisation solutions combine sensors, software and data analytics to address deficiencies in existing drilling processes, materially improving the economics of underground hard rock mining operations.

First launched in 2018, Minnovare’s Production Optimiser system has been proven to significantly reduce blast hole drilling deviation and rig set-up times in underground mines, resulting in numerous flow-on benefits; reduced re-drills, reduced dilution, reduced bridging (improved recovery), and greater all-round visibility and accountability across drill & blast performance.   Since its release, the technology has seen rapid uptake within the Australian market. Uptake overseas has followed in North America, Africa and South America.



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