LiveMine Product Suite Makes Waves in North America.

Founders Bud O’Shannessy and Brendan Parker recently returned from a productive journey across North America, where they showcased the LiveMine product suite and explored various locations. From Nevada to Toronto, the trip encompassed a whirlwind of meetings, sightseeing, and some memorable moments. Commercial Director Brendan Parker shared some of his insights.

Bud O’Shannessy and Brendan Parker this week returned from their North American journey, where they embarked on a mission to promote the LiveMine product suite and explore the region. Their travels led them through Nevada, Denver, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Ontario, and Sudbury, encompassing a whirlwind of business meetings and sightseeing adventures.

The primary objective of the journey was to assess how the LiveMine product suite could cater to the needs of international mines. The team discovered a clear demand for paperless data management in North America, particularly in mining operations that heavily rely on paper PLODs or paper tickets as many of them are called. By streamlining and digitising these processes, LiveMine could significantly enhance efficiency and operational data collection.

Throughout their trip, Bud and Brendan engaged in numerous conversations and meetings, receiving positive feedback about the LiveMine product suite. Many individuals expressed their admiration for its simplicity and effectiveness in collecting operational data. This feedback reinforced the value proposition of LiveMine, as it demonstrated how the product’s user-friendly interface and streamlined workflows resonate with professionals in the mining industry.

Although the trip was primarily business focused, the founders made the most of their trip by exploring some of the attractions in the areas that they visited. From the stunning natural landscapes of Denver and Salt Lake City to the mining hubs of Elko and Sudbury, they experienced the diverse cultural and geographical tapestry of North America. These experiences not only provided a refreshing break from their busy schedule but also allowed them to immerse themselves in the unique flavours and experiences each destination had to offer. Some of the highlights were catching a show at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre, touring the largest open pit in the world at Bingham Canyon and being in the crowd for the Denver Nuggets first ever finals series in 52 years.

Two significant destinations on the itinerary were Sudbury, Ontario and Elko, Nevada known for their prominence in the mining industry. Both Sudbury and Elko, allowed them to witness firsthand the operations of mining facilities and gain valuable insights into the specific needs and pain points of mining professionals. On the other hand, Toronto, Denver and Salt Lake City, gave them the opportunity to connect with industry experts, and engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges and opportunities in the mining sector.

Bud O’Shannessy and Brendan Parker’s journey through North America proved to be a successful endeavor in promoting the LiveMine product suite and exploring new opportunities in the mining industry. The trip enabled them to gather valuable feedback, reinforcing the simplicity and effectiveness of LiveMine’s paperless data management solutions. With the positive feedback received and the potential they uncovered, LiveMine is poised to make a lasting impact on mines not only in North America but also across the globe.

Brendan Parker

Commercial Director

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