Introducing EXM

LiveMine Solution’s New App For Explosives Management.

EXM is LiveMine Solutions’ latest product for the Paperless Mine. This Explosives Management system will ensure sites maintain accurate stock levels, create detailed records, and greatly improve other processes including restocking and chain of custody. EXM targets the improvement of both safety and efficiency on site.


Prevent inaccurate explosives stock levels.

  • Increased stock-keeping accuracy
  • Improved safety as explosives are less likely to have discrepancies and easier to investigate
  • Increased record-keeping quality and ease of analysis
  • Peace of mind for site inspections and audits
  • More efficient and automated restocking process
  • Seamless end-to-end flow across drilling and charge operations, minimising effort and room for error
  • Chain of custody tracking for improved investigation processes
  • Extensive reporting tailored to different purposes
  • Removes requirement for administrator to digitalise records
  • Magazine information and stock levels always available to operators