Note From Our Managing Director July 2021

Today LiveMine is proud to be sending out its’ first quarterly catch up newsletter. When I think back to when my cofounder, Brendan and I first started building the LiveMine solution, I never would have dreamt that we would get this far, and I would be sitting down to write the first company newsletter. From the conception of LiveMine we have grown our knowledge within mining to include experience in software development. 

The first version of LiveMine was built, with zero experience and zero limiting beliefs in what needed to be done to get this production ready. Our first version, V1, worked well. It wasn’t perfect but it worked and it laid the foundations for our latest version. V3 is now in production on multiple mining operations globally. We have really enjoyed implementing LiveMine onsite and this process allowed us to get first-hand feedback from our users and this is invaluable for how we progress the product functionality.  

The last six months have been exciting for us with our team growing from five to eleven people.  This growth is the result of LiveMine building a great digital solution that is user friendly. Four of our new staff are Software Development Engineers bolstering our tech team to six. With the expansion of the team we have seen a significant increase of output on the development front and with some exciting technology in various stages of development scheduled for release and testing late in 2021. Watch this space!  

With the COVID-19 pandemic grounding most mining personnel, the LiveMine team had to pivot and double down on the work we had already completed on our remote implementation and training method. This means that we can now implement the LiveMine system anywhere internationally, deploying the software and training all site personnel from our office in Fremantle, Perth.   

With 16 mining operation globally using the LiveMine software solution and multiple site deployments already scheduled for the coming months the future of our company looks bright.   

Thanks to everyone who has supported us through the start-up phase of LiveMine.   


Stay safe,  

Bud O’Shannessy Founder and Managing Director of LiveMine Solutions